Monday, June 27, 2011

How Much Paracord Is Needed To Weave 6 Inches of Cobra Knots?

Lots of people will tell you the basic rule of thumb is to figure one foot of paracord is needed for every inch of cobra (Solomon) knots. Using that rule then, a length of 6 inches of cobra knots will require 6 feet of cord. From my experience, I've found this advice to be somewhat vague since there are several factors that can influence how much paracord will be required to form a given length of knots.

The first factor, or variable, is how tight the knots tied. A lot of the simple bracelets you see done in the many videos on YouTube are not really woven all that tight. This makes for uneven knotting and a rather sloppy looking bracelet. If they are not tied tight, or are uneven, naturally more cord will be required.

The second factor would be the number of cords in the core of the bracelet. Again, most of the ones you see on YouTube contain only two cords in the core. Some bracelets, however, could have three, four or maybe up to six cords in the core, and obviously the more cords in the core, the more paracord length will be required to cover them.

The very best way to determine how much cord per inch of knots, will be required, would be to tie up a sample length of 2 or 3 inches and then merely measure the amount of cord required for a given set of parameters. In this way you will know how tight you made the knots and how many core cords were involved.  Then, it is a simple matter to keep a few notes detailing the variables involved and you will end up wasting a lot less paracord.

Personally, I like to tie my bracelets rather tight. I find this technique yields a much nicer looking bracelet and one that is more dimensionally stable than one that is tied loose or uneven. You may view examples of my work on my new Tied In Knotz website.


  1. How much is needed form ost knots?

  2. Well, it depends on what you mean by "most knots". Each knot requires a slightly different amount of raw cord to complete a certain knotted length. Therefore, in order to accurately predict the amount of raw cord you will need for say 8 inches of knotted length - it is best to experiment doing enough of a particular knot to create a full inch. Then, unravel that amount of the knotted cord and measure it. That is the most accurate way to do it.

    1. What about the buckle, how doe the buckle figure in ?

    2. In order to calculate the amount of cord necessary for a particular style of knot, you would follow the recommendations I have explained above. The buckle does not influence this calculation in any way.

      The only time the buckle must be figured in, is when you are calculating how long to make a bracelet in order to fit a specific wrist size. That is a different problem from just figuring out how much cord will be needed per inch of the knots.

      Please refer to my posting where I discuss the problem you are referencing, at: