Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paracord Bracelet - Custom Made With Button Closure

Paracord bracelets made with the familiar quick-release buckles are offered by a host of vendors these days. I make several of this type too, and you can find them for sale on my new Tied In Knotz website. Custom made paracord bracelets are something I can do, as well.

Just for a little variety, I like to experiment with other types of knotted bracelets, as well as different kinds of closures.  The other day I decided to utilize a brass shank button that was once sewn on my own US Army Class A uniform. The end product is a custom made paracord bracelet utilizing the brass uniform button for the closure. This button has special meaning to me because it was on my uniform that I wore while serving in the US Army as a photographer during the Cold War.
Although stateside, my assignments were always very interesting and always a challenge. They included photographing reenlistment ceremonies, parades, high-ranking military officers and civilians, aerial photos from small helicopters and other photojournalism assignments in and around the Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland area.

The use of a shank button for the closure of a paracord bracelet, is one way to utilize a button, however, I also offer a bracelet with an ordinary BDU (battle dress uniform) button on it.

The essence of this posting is to show the possibility of fabricating a custom-made paracord bracelets utilizing a button as provided by the customer. If a custom-made paracord bracelet is something you might have an interest in me doing for you, merely Email me with the details of what you want and the type of button you would want incorporated in your bracelet.  Also, please visit my website at Tied In Knotz, where you can view all my current products.

Shank buttons come in many different styles, colors and materials. Some are all metal, such as the one pictured here, while others are cloth-covered metal, leather, wood or plastic. The button you choose might have special sentimental value or perhaps it has a message engraved on it, such as might be used by an organization or for medical alert. To make a good closure button for your paracord bracelet, your shank button should be no larger than 1 inch in diameter, and no smaller than about 5/8 inch diameter.  Also, the shank must have an opening size that will allow 1/8 inch thick cord to pass through it.  

You will also need to tell me your Wrist Size and the color of paracord you want your bracelet to contain.  Once you purchase this bracelet, and I receive your shank button, Wrist Size and color of paracord you desire, I will then fabricate your bracelet.

You will need to Email me prior to purchase so I can tell you where to mail your button. Also, if you are at all unsure whether or not the button you have in mind would be suitable, please Email me with the details before you order the bracelet. 

When you wear a custom-made paracord bracelet, with a button of your own choosing, it will definitely set you apart from all the other more common looking bracelets. 

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