Monday, March 7, 2011

Classic Paracord Bracelet with Diamond Knot Closure

Have you ever wondered exactly how paracord bracelets got so popular with people in the military as well as campers, hikers and survivalists.  Probably the idea of carrying a length of 550 paracord for emergency purposes was first born and then someone decided to knot a bracelet out of the stuff, so it could easily be carried on your person.

Early on, the classic paracord bracelet consisted of a bracelet knotted with a series of Solomon bar knots over a couple of strands of core cord. The core cord was folded in half so as to form a loop on one end and the other end was tied in an overhand knot.  When the bracelet was completed, the knot would be passed around the wrist and through the loop and BINGO! - the bracelet was attached to your wrist.

My Classic Paracord Bracelet is much like the early ones, with one exception.  I utilize a diamond knot instead of the overhand knot.  The diamond stopper knot makes a far more pleasing knot to look at, and it makes a great closure as well.

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